Born In Denmark and grew up in the UK. The typical story of getting into film making through skating as a kid, the first film I made in-fact was a snowboard film on our first holiday abroad without the parents. During the second year of studying graphic Arts & design at Leeds, I lost all passion for design and picked up film making again. somehow I was allowed to finished the degree with making films, so essentially I’m self taught and worked on projects at the time with the likes of Chris Watson, who worked on the BBC’s Frozen Planet etc.

In 2012 I started my adventure to Berlin and really started my professional career at ‘Parasol Island’. Working with Clients such as BMW, Porsche and Jeep etc. My responsibilities were some such as taking the lead edit role in the Berlin office and ensuring all edit jobs were arranged and handled correctly for all their clients.
I have worked for the startup company ‘Fanmiles’ as a creative lead. Taking charge of the corporate identity and really taking the lead on evolving and managing the branding/ creative team.
Working closely with the designers and copywriters to develop a new brand identity and taking the lead on all the roll out of all identity projects.

Lately been working mostly on documentaries & art films such as co-directing & editing the doc ‘jede Linie Wird ein Kreis’ & the art film ‘i met some racists’ which is to be shown at the Yeoja Mag event highlighting Asian hate & xenophobia.

BRANDS - Nike, Lee, K1X, Kunsthal Museum...