Born in Denmark and raised in the UK, I began my journey into filmmaking quite unexpectedly. As a child, I was captivated by the skating subculture, leading me to create my first snowboard film during a holiday abroad without my parents. At Leeds, while studying Graphic Arts & Design, my passion for filmmaking resurfaced. Fortunately, the university allowed me to pivot, and I completed my degree making films, deepening my expertise alongside talents like Chris Watson, who contributed to the BBC's Frozen Planet.

In 2012, my path led me to Berlin, where I joined 'Parasol Island', marking the onset of my journey into advertising. At this hybrid company, I explored various creative avenues, eventually becoming the Head of Post Production for the Berlin branch.

These days, I am an editor and director, taking immense pleasure in the entire filmmaking process, from the conception of an idea to its final execution.

Among my notable works is "I MET SOME RACISTS," a dance film that I directed, shot, and edited, encapsulating Seanal's dance expression of a racial encounter in Berlin. Another milestone was the Nike docuseries I edited, which earned two nominations for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at the LOWIE awards. Additionally, the feature film 'Jede Linie Wird ein Kreis' I co-directed and edited reflects the story of an artist discovering her voice.

Over the years, I've gravitated towards projects that blend themes of social inclusivity, LGBTQIA+ advocacy, mental health, and the evolving world of sports. I have a sensitivity to emotional storytelling and a distinct taste for good sound and aesthetics. My goal is to craft content that entertains, educates, and provokes thought. I've had the privilege of collaborating with brands such as Nike, Lee, K1X, Kunsthal Museum, and THE SPEED PROJECT. Represented by S EC Studio for my editing endeavors, I continually seek opportunities that resonate and challenge the norm.